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Amethyst Swirls Soap, Stone Soap, Fragrance Lavender& Basil
  • Amethyst Swirls Soap, Stone Soap, Fragrance Lavender& Basil

    SKU: goat03nov2023

    ingredients: saponified (olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, shea butter), water, goat milk, heavy cream, colloidal oats, kaolin clay, skin safe fragrance and colorant


    information: fragrance (whole sale supplies plus lavender and basil), colorants (cheshire cat)


    These bars weigh approximately 4.8 oz. They are handmade so the weight will not be exact.


    For those customers wanting a soap made with a specific FO/EO or a specific type of clay please go to work with designer. Or if you would prefer something more complex please see my Normally complex line. 

    • Glycerine as a byproduct

      Glycerine is created as a byproduct of these handmade soaps. Even without the Glycerine rivers.

      Glycerine is a humectant and has an approved category 1 OTC skin protectant (>20%).

    • Soapy fun

      A Bastille soap has a gentler lather. The lighter lather insures the skin isn't stripped and can reduce dryness and irritation due to the body attempting to replace what was stripped away.

      A reduced number of ingredients is often recommended for easily irritated skin.

      It is the fatty acids and lactate that make this soap unique.

      They give this soap a gentler lather and the solids contained in the milk add natural vitamins and minerals to the soap without added discoloration. 

    • Warning

      Please read the ingredient list before purchasing this product. It is not the responsibility of the creator to be aware of the customers allergen's.

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